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What is it?

Designed as a new improved umbrella, the Fanbrella overcomes the problems associated with normal umbrellas. The handle of the umbrella is offset from the centre which allows the person using it to get the maximum protection from the whole of the canopy without rain dripping onto their shoulder.

It cannot blow inside out because it uses a semi-rigid plastic frame to support the canopy instead of the traditional sprung wires.

Fanbrella umbrella picture showing the Fanbrella open Image of a Fanbrella umbrella

How Does It Work?

The canopy opens by fanning out to make a complete circular shape. The spring loaded handle then clips the two edges of the fan together to make the canopy secure and the soft foam grip on the telescopic handle allows the Fanbrella to be held easily over the head.


Uniquely the Fanbrella has a single sheet canopy which makes it easy to print a single design over the whole canopy without having to worry about individual panels. No longer is there a restriction to a small area on 1, 2 or 4 panels so besides being a better umbrella the Fanbrella is also an excellent opportunity to advertise your company logo or event.

Additionally the bag can also be printed so your logo can be seen even if its not raining.

Image of the underside of a Fanbrella umbrella

Find Out More

Dont forget to look at the video clips of the Fanbrella. If you want to know more then please contact us and we will be pleased to see what we can do for you.

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