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Strong Frame

The Fanbrella works on a different principal from a traditional sprung wire frame. In a tradional umbrella the canopy is an integral part of the umbrella holding the wires bent and the canopy tight. Any weakness in the canopy material and the frame can blow inside out. A Fanbrella uses a moulded plastic frame and the frame itself provides the strength to support the canopy.

a closeup image of the fanbrella frames centre

Rounded Corners not Sharp Spikes

Umbrellas can have very sharp spikes at the end of the spokes causing a danger particularly to damage peoples eyes. Fanbrellas on the otherhand have gently rounded corners to minimise this risk and reduce injuries.

sharp traditional umbrella spoke rounded fanbrella spoke

Offset Handle, Better Protection

With a Fanbrella you can stand in the middle of the canopy which means its easier to stay dry.

diagram showing position of an umbrella above the users head and not covering all the user diagram showing position of a Fanbrella above the users head covering the user completely

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